QGenome has been developed by Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust's Regional Genetics service, a partner in the South East Genomic Medicine Service Alliance, and UBQO to provide streamlined genomic risk assessment, testing and referral guidance in an accessible and user-friendly format.

QGenome enables users to decide which patients may be eligible for genomic investigations and risk assessment, in line with the NHSE Genomic Test Directory and published literature. It provides clinicians with a framework of questions that can be used in their clinical approach when managing patients who are concerned about an inherited susceptibility to disease.

The application allows users to access up to date clinical guidance, at the ‘point of care’, and delivers a time-efficient mechanism to instigate genomic evaluation and onward referrals, where necessary. It is freely available on iOS, android and web-based platforms.

The aim of QGenome is to facilitate quicker access to enhanced surveillance, risk-reduction options, genetic counselling, genomic testing, clinical trials and multidisciplinary care for patients and their families.

Further information can be found here