• 10th July 2019

The UKCGG Essay prize is now open!


All medical students,  junior doctors (including genetic SpRs), genetic counsellor and clinical scientist trainees are invited to write an essay of no more than 2500 words on the topic:

"Should all individuals be screened for genetic predisposition to cancer?"


Essays to be submitted by 10th September 2019, by email to ksnape@sgul.ac.uk


Winners will be announced in four categories:


- Medical students 

- Junior doctors (any training grade from FY1 to ST8)

- Genetic counsellor trainees

- Clinical scientist trainees 


First prize in each category will be £75 Amazon Vouchers - with an additional £25 bonus vouchers awarded to the overall winner chosen across categories 

Runner up in each category will receive a large pat on the back and some CV brownie points

All winning and runner up essays will be published in full on the UKCGG website

Please spread the word to your trainees and students!


Image: "@_@" by dalcrose is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0