UKCGG Meetings - Keynote Lectures

Please see a list here below of some of our previous fantastic keynote lecture speakers. 

Meeting  Speaker  Topic 
Spring 2023 Professor Julia Newton-Bishop 

Moles, Melanoma, and other cancers in “Melanoma” Families

Winter 2022 Prof Glenn McCluggage Hereditary Gynaecological Tumour Syndromes - the Critical Role of the Pathologist
Winter 2021 Prof Julian Sampson  Characterisation of inherited and somatic variation in polyposis syndromes provides insights into cancer and ageing
Winter 2020 Prof Anneke Lucassen  Ethics and Cancer Genetic Practice - An Optional Extra or Essential Ingredient?
Winter 2019 Prof Rosalind Eeles Prostate Cancer - From Genes to Management
Spring 2019 Prof Gareth Evans NF2
Winter 2018 Prof Serena Nik Zainal  Utilising the totality of mutagenesis in Whole Genome sequenced tumours for clinical applications
Winter 2017 Prof Richart Houlston Defining the Unknown Unknowns of Colorectal Cancer
Spring 2017 Dr Darren Hargreave Precision Medicine in Childhood Cancer 
Winter 2016 Prof Martin Widschwendter New Concepts of Risk Prediction and Cancer Prevention in BRCA carriers
Winter 2015 Dr Jonathan Ledermann PARP inhibitors in Ovarian Cancer
Spring 2015  Prof Julian Sampson Role of Rapamycin in Tuberous Sclerosis 
Winter 2013 Prof Trevor Powles Chemoprevention 
Spring 2013 Prof Tim Bishop Current insights into the contributions of genetic predisposition to cancer incidence in the general population