UKCGG leaflets and guidelines

UKCGG One-page Gene-Specific Management Guidelines

Please click on the links below to access guidelines and leaflets created by UKCGG, CanGene-CanVar working groups and expert colleagues.

Additional guidelines from other expert groups are available to access here

Patients with certain heritable cancer predisposition syndromes may benefit from referral to their local Polyposis Rare Disease Collaborative Centre working in the relevant Rare Disease Collaborative Network (RDCN). 

Information regarding RDCNs, as well as the contact information for your local centre, is available here


Click on the links to download the UKCGG guidelines for the management of carriers of pathogenic germline variants in RAD51C and RAD51D. 

You may also be interested in reading about the national consensus meeting we held in October 2021 to determine best practice in testing of these and other "moderate risk" ovarian cancer susceptibility genes, and management of carriers in whom variants in such genes are identified. For information about this and other UKCGG consensus meetings click here.

A copy of the manuscript arising from the meeting is available at the link here below