UKCGG Consensus Meetings

UKCGG Consensus Meetings

Germline predisposition to haematological malignancies national consensus meeting

The implementation of whole genome sequencing and large somatic gene panels in haematological malignancies is identifying an increasing number of individuals with either potential or confirmed germline predisposition to haematological malignancy for which a national consensus on clinical management pathways is required for both the affected individual and their relatives.

The UKCGG, CanGene-CanVar and the NHSE GLH Haematological Oncology Malignancies Working Group are planning to hold two half day workshops to establish consensus guidelines on the clinical and laboratory pathways and the management of disease causing germline variation in the following genes:


Dates for meeting:

Thursday 28th April 2022 0915-1245
Friday 29th April 2022 0915-1245


More information to follow in due course! 

UKCGG CanGene-CanVar Consensus Meeting 2021 – moderate risk ovarian cancer susceptibility genes

A meeting regarding indications for testing of genes in which pathogenic variants confer a moderate risk of ovarian (+/- breast) cancer as well as management of carriers in whom such variants are identified was organised by UKCGG and CanGene-CanVar groups, and held virtually over two days 30th September-1st October 2021. 

Many thanks to all the attendees of the TP53 Screening Guidelines UK Consensus Group Meeting (06/07/2018) for their productive and progressive discussions and a special thank you to:

  • Professor Ros Eeles and Dr Aslam Sohaib from The Royal Marsden who spoke about their experience of WB-MRI and the SIGNIFY study
  • Dr Mette Jorgensen from Great Ormond Street Hospital who spoke about her experience of setting up a Specialist TP53 clinic
  • Dr Angela Brady, Dr Gill Crawford, Dr Louise Izatt and Miss Sarah Gibson who chaired the discussion groups and helped with organisation
  • The George Pantziarka TP53 Trust for their generous sponsorship of this meeting. 

Please see below for relevant documents pertaining to this meeting


Consensus Group Recommendations for Cancer Screening in LFS/TP53 mutation carriers