• 27th October 2020

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  • 30th October 2020

Registration for the ASHG virtual conference is now open


This year’s event will include a number of hot topics in the field and will reflect the most exciting scientific advances in genetics and genomics research. From basic science to clinical translation, the depth and breadth of the ASHG 2020 will cover it all. You won’t want to miss it.

Insights from Technological Advances

•             CRISPR-Based Approaches to Study Genome Function

•             A Deep Dive into Deep Learning

•             Use of Single-Cell RNA-seq to Dissect Fundamental Cellular Processes

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Discoveries

•             Considerations with Using Polygenic Risk Scores

•             Dominant and Recessive: Not that Simple? Lessons from Clinics and Cohorts

•             Pharmacogenomics and Gene Therapy

Large-Scale Approaches to Solve Complex Disorders

•             Novel Discoveries in Large-scale Genome-wide Association Studies

•             Large-scale Proteome and Metabolome Studies

•             Precision Medicine: Models and Complex Disease

More information on ASHG’s annual meeting can be found here