About Us

The CGG is a national, multidisciplinary organisation. Eligible members are those with an interest in hereditary predisposition to cancer including clinicians, genetic counsellors, clinical scientists and researchers.

The aims of the Cancer Genetics Group are to: 

  • Deliver Cancer Genetic services in an excellent, equitable and efficient manner to provide the best possible care for those affected by and at risk of hereditable cancer predisposition syndromes.
  • Support trainees to enable them to flourish and develop to the best of their capabilities (and encourage more to consider a career in cancer genetics)
  • Develop guidelines and consensus statements in the UK and internationally  
  • Share good practice, discussing papers and innovation, offering strategic advice and support to other specialities
  • Capitalise on the post-COVID world to deliver more virtual conferences and meetings, thus improving access for members irrespective of geographical location,  while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint
  • Develop UK and international databases for rare conditions
  • Reach out and tackling issues of disparities
  • Provide a platform for new research



There is an elected council of the CGG that meet regularly. The CGG constitution has recently been changed to ensure there will always be a representative from each GLH and devolved nation with the aim of making CGG less London/SE-centric.

This means that the Council has increased in size from 13-14 and will now be a variable number between 20 and 27. Council meetings take place every 2 months and are virtual (which has also made involvement easier for all regions of the UK). The Council members derive from multiple staff groups including Consultants, SpRs, Genetic Counsellors and a laboratory representative.

Ordinary members of the steering committee are elected for a period of 3 years, following which they can apply for re-election for a further 3 year period before retiring. Applications to join the steering committee can be made by UKCGG members where spaces become available. Election is via ballot of the membership and vacancies are advertised to the membership when available. 

UK CGG awards for Council members

UK CGG will support UK CGG Council members with a bursary of up to £1000 for courses or activities which will equip them with the necessary skills or training for them to fulfill their role and responsibilities on the UKCGG Council. Examples include, but are not limited to; media and communication training, leadership course, or finance training. 

UKCGG Council members should request awards via the UK CGG Chair and Treasurer, who will seek full approval of the UK CGG council. 

The full expenses policy can be viewed here

UK CGG awards for Ordinary members

A number of awards are available to individuals who are registered UK CGG members for at least one year.

Applications can be made by emailing the UK CGG treasurer. Further details are available here





Members of the steering committee

Elected Members       
Helen Hanson Chair  May 2025  South East 
Marc Tischkowitz Outgoing Chair  May 2022 East 
Katie Snape  Secretary Chair May 2025 South East 
Terri McVeigh Media & Comms rep May 2022 North Thames 
Ian Frayling Honorary Treasurer May 2021, extended for 3 years  Wales 
Julian Sampson  Honorary Deputy Treasurer   Wales 
Cheryl Berlin Conference rep May 2022 North Thames 
Hannah Musgrave Conference rep May 2024 North East and Yorkshire
Helena Carley  SpR rep May 2024 South East 
Anju Kulkarni   May 2022 South East 
Zoe Kemp   May 2022 North Thames 
Sarah Hamilton   May 2024 Scotland 
Beverley Speight   May 2024 East 
Co-opted members      
Stephanie Greville-Heygate May 2024 Central and South 
Sarah Pugh   May 2024 South West 
Gillian Rea   May 2024 Northern Ireland 
Sian Nisbet   May 2024 Wales 
Angela George CRG  (oncology)   North Thames
Fiona Lalloo CRG (genetics)     North West 
Miranda Durkie  ACGS rep    North East and Yorkshire